Augustinian Volunteers Australia

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In July 2006 the Australian Augustinians took steps to draw out of its previous social justice awareness a specific program that quickly came to be called Augustinian Volunteers Australia (AVA). Since then it has grown from strengh to strengh.

About AVA

Since 2006 Augustinian Volunteers Australia (AVA) has presented its annual preparatory courses six times for intending Volunteers and other interested persons.


AVA working on the railroad

Augustinian Volunteers Australia has methodically built on its achievements since its foundation in July 2006. Chief among the ministries in which the Augustinian Volunteers of 2014 are engaged is an activity that AVA began in 2012 at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence at Redfern in inner Sydney, Australia’s oldest and largest city.


Augustinian Volunteers placements in 2014

The fifteen Augustinian Volunteers Australia for 2014 are from four Augustinian parishes and an Augustinian college in three Australian capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), as well as other young adults from elsewhere who have also responded to AVA publicity. Australia's two Augustinian colleges participate in AVA through past pupil involvement (including a 2014 AVA participant) and by granting Aboriginal scholarships.


Augustinian Volunteers second Walkabout

On 9th June 2014 Augustinian Volunteers Australia (AVA) went “walkabout” on the shores of Sydney’s magnificent harbour, and once again had young Aboriginal guides give great cultural meaning to the event. This is the second successive year in which this event has taken place, undeterred by the threat of rain (which held off until after the event!).


Augustinian Volunteers: a Patron appointed


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